Exercise on Prioritized Research Agenda for Prevention and Control of NCD in India

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National Noncommunicable Disease Action Plan and Monitoring Framework for Prevention and Control of NCDs has listed 10 targets and 21 indicators. Simultaneously, the Sustainable Development Goals have also been defined. There is need to undertake research to help implement programmes to reduce morbidity, premature mortality due to Non Communicable Diseases in India.

The WHO Global NCD Action Plan for Prevention and Control of NCDs outlines need for setting priorities in research, particularly in resource poor settings, for achieving the targets.

ICMR - National Center for Disease Informatics and Research, Bengaluru undertakes research on epidemiology and public health related to NCDs, and is involved in monitoring the implementation of the NCD action plan. An exercise is being planned with experts to evolve prioritized research agenda which can be adopted/referred by Government /Private/NGO/Institutions for advancing/undertaking/focusing their research endeavors in a needed direction for prevention and control of NCDs in the country .

In view of your expertise and experience, we request you to take out time from your busy schedules and participate in this endeavor by providing information in this portal.

This will help us collate/consolidate the opinion of experts and after consolidation, proceed to take further steps towards its finalization. To facilitate your thought process, the National NCD Action Plan has been made available in the portal. Keeping in mind your area of expertise you may give your responses to the questionnaire.

We will be thankful for your participation.

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